Our Poultry Health Services veterinary team specializes in diagnosing and managing
various diseases that affect the health and welfare of chickens and turkeys. We
provide effective solutions and comprehensive preventative care to ensure the
health and well-being of your flock. Our veterinary group works collaboratively
within hatcheries, farms, and processing plants to help solve and develop solutions
for complex diseases such as Reovirus and Inclusion Body Hepatitis.

At Poultry Partners, we understand the significant impact that these diseases can
have on your poultry operation. Our comprehensive approach to disease
management with our veterinarian team at Poultry Health Services ensures that
your birds receive the best possible care and appropriate preventative measures
are in place to protect their health.

Veterinarian Consultation Services

Poultry Partners clients have full access to a range of services offered by our veterinarian team at Poultry Health Services. Their services are a combination of lab diagnostics, post-mortem to identify a flock health condition, prescriptions, and dispensing appropriate medication for treatment to help formulate a plan for moving forward to aid with the improvement of flock health and performance.

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